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Do you want to work with others to make an impact and change the world? These are not conventional graduate courses involving linear delivery of prepared content. The goal is for the students to develop solutions to big problems in the world. The instructors do not sit back hiding the answers. They don’t have the answers. Really. The professors are facilitators, conveners, project leaders, and (occasionally) experts, but students ultimately run the show.

Classes address problems that are: Complex and multi-layered, requiring an interdisciplinary approach to generate viable solutions; Not easily solved with simple research and require students to develop a significant innovation; Clearly defined and sufficiently narrow that students have an opportunity to develop potential solutions in a single semester.

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New Interdisciplinary Curriculum Focuses on Problem Solving

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Fall 2017 Courses & Faculty

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Technology: Business and Regulatory Issues

Economic Integration for Individuals in the Refugee Resettlement Program

Identifying Victims of Human Trafficking within Health Care Settings

Stable and Integrated Housing for America's Working Poor

Winter 2018 Courses & Faculty

Building Social Capital in the Inner-City Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Expanding Renewable Energy Markets

Sustainable Food Systems